Listing: The Original

Believe me, I am far from through when it comes to covering all my listing activities!

Original Notebook








This is one of my original journals and lists, or really, the most original that I still have. I started this I think about 2005. It’s a dreaming journal, with life lists (big and small goals):

Go to the Rose Bowl Flea Market
Rent a villa in Italy
Send thank-you notes

Travel lists:

Original Int







Ways and where to live:

Try to live off-grid and eat locally
Smaller house
Straw-bale house
Oregon, Lake Tahoe, Flagstaff, Joshua Tree, Santa Fe, Chico, Vermont

And things to learn about:

Art history
Crochet and knit
Read tarot cards

I haven’t been too active in this one for a few years, but I just dug it out and plan on catching up. BTW: colorful Sharpie pens used in this one.


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