Listing Again: The Book List

Mr. Night Sky opined that it might be interesting/illuminating for me to illustrate some of my various lists. I responded that some of my lists are so long, they could not be contained in a single blog post, and that most people would have fallen asleep well before getting to the end of even a single list. However, I will give it a stab, showing a glimpse into some lists, a tantalizing hint, if you will. Or won’t.

My Book List
This list is one I started I think about 2009. I’ve almost filled this entire spiral-bound blank book primarily of books to read, or at least to attempt to read. Books that sound interesting and intriguing. There’s also a light sprinkling of quotations I wanted to remember, websites to remember to visit, and some movies and television shows (primarily British). If I’ve actually read, or made a good attempt at reading, a book, a check goes next to it. Some of these titles are problematical because they are out of print, some LONG out of print. There are also complete lists of series, book and television episodes, so I can be sure to read/watch them in order. And I use a special color-coordinated Sharpie.

Books NotebookBooks Notebook Int


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