I’m a lister.

One of the things I used to do in my “dark time” was to make lists. I’m a natural list maker anyway, and not much of a journal writer (except for this blog), so the lists were my way of both documenting AND looking forward to better days.

I had a list of books I read during that time, a list of books I wanted to read (I still do that one), a list of business ideas, a list of marketing ideas, and a list of catchphrases from my living environment. I listed websites to visit, movies to watch, and music to listen to. Today in addition to my list of books to read, my list of movies to watch is my Netflix queue, and my most important lists are work to do and food to cook.

But most important during that previous time was a list of goals for the future. Some were crazy (learn to speak Farsi!), some were ordinary (eat dinner at the table with my family), some were practical (sell car, French cooking), and some were aspirational (meditate, build a house). I had lists of places to travel (not that I will EVER get to all those places) and places to live (so hard to decide!). I just pulled out an old notebook this week and read through one of my lists of goals. Surprisingly, I had actually accomplished some of them.

Although some no longer appeal to me, or they fit a different life, I decided to revisit this idea, but change it up somehow. I’m not sure yet what that entails. Maybe a list in priorities: These are things I MUST do in the next several years; these are for this year; these are crazy daydreams.

I’m also fascinated by other people’s lists (am I missing a good list item?).

Who else does lists, and what are they? Inquiring minds!


2 thoughts on “Listing

  1. Patricia says:

    I, too, am a lister, partly of necessity, as I tend to be very absentminded. I make lists on my phone and then follow those up with paper lists, so if I forget the paper lists at least I still have them on my phone! I do separate lists for different stores, future shopping, wishful shopping, tasks, places I’d like to go, articles I’d like to read, links I’d like to check out, patterns I’d like to sew, positive quotes, reminders of things I need to do, yarn, and on and on. I couldn’t manage without my lists! My mother was also a lister; an inherited tendency, perhaps?

  2. tarotbymo says:

    Love this Sandy… I, too am amazed when checking back on the to do lists, how many of them have been accomplished…I feel the key is writing them down …the intention…and the magic starts to work.
    Good luck with your new lists!

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